Artisan Wood Inc.

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  • View of Goblets w/ Fractal Wood Burning

We make handcrafted Artisan Bowls from locally felled trees as well as a variety of other kitchenware and miscellaneous items from local and exotic woods.

Interested in one of our pieces? Want something personalized?
Or, the piece you like has been sold? Or like one of our Bangles or other pieces from the Miscellaneous or Kitchenware page? but want it in a different color or size? While all pieces are unique and cannot be exactly duplicated, we do take requests and commissions.
Only available for products on the Miscellaneous or Kitchenware page and not for Bowls or Vessels/Urns. Due to the process involved in making large wooden items, overall size and shape is determined in the initial roughing stage after which the pieces are stored to dry for six months to a year or even longer.

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Featuring Multi-tone Dyeing

We’re introducing extra colors into our pieces. The dyeing process provides infinite color and imagery effects. Colors can be smudged and daubed on and partially blended to provide an array of colors. On our bowls, we’re adding an initial layer of (sanded back) India ink to give more depth, then apllying layers of various harmonious…

We Aim to Showcase the Intrinsic Beauty of Wood

The splendid artwork that innately exists in the grain of a piece of wood has a story to tell all of its own. Our father/daughter team is committed to the cultivation of skills that enhance, showcase, and embellish the brilliant, amazing handiwork that naturally exists in this special art media.