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Or, like one of our Bangles or other pieces from the Miscellaneous page but want it in a different color or size? While all pieces are unique and cannot be duplicated, we do take requests and commissions on a case by case basis. Only available for products on the Miscellaneous page and not for Bowls or Vessels/Urns.

See our pieces in person at
Ebbtide Gallery Artist Cooperative
7809 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
7 Days a week: 10am – 5 pm
(253) 851-5293

Care Instructions for bowls

Our hope is that any of our bowls or other products will provide years of useful life, hopefully passed down as an heirloom. Wood products, with all the natural beauty they provide have some inherent requirements in order to maintain both function and attraction. And while this may not need to be said, I will emphasize . . . Wood products are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe, nor should they ever be allowed to soak in any kind of liquid or protracted storage of wet food.

The two types of finishes we offer are . . .

Bowls with Minwax and General Finishes:

In most cases, our bowls with this finish can be exposed to casual contact with moist food items, i.e. salads, etc., but need to be carefully rinsed (or better, wiped out with a moist towel) and then quickly dried. More care should be taken with bowls that have some of the natural occurring features, voids, inclusions, knots, etc. as they may capture food and moisture. Bowls and items with those features may better kept for display. These two types of finish provide a harder, shinier surface.

Bowls with Mahoney’s Walnut Oil:

This provides a more “earthy,” utilitarian finish, a “satiny,” i.e. not shiny surface. It can be used for all the same food items as the Minwax and General finishes. The same process of a quick rinse or wipe with moist towel and then drying is recommended. However, Walnut oil is not a hard finish and will need re-application of a food-safe oil (we recommend Mahoney’s Walnut oil) from time to time.

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