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Artisan Wood Inc.

With a life long, deeply felt appreciation for art , together this father/daughter team have found a special attraction and avenue of expression in the natural beauty and presentation of wood.

Dale And Micayla McDaniels

As a father/daughter team we join our respective passions for turning and carving wood together to pursue new creative opportunities.

Ultimately, it’s the love of wood in all its inherent God given properties that ignites our passion. We provide form and function, letting wood speak for itself.

We can be found at the Ebb Tide Gallery on Pioneer Way in Gig Harbor, Washington.


Starting my passion after a gift of a toolbox from my dad, I ultimately entered into the cabinetry industry but found it restrictive and uninspiring. Upon retiring and partnering with my daughter in our dream shop, I was able to pursue my own passions highlighting the intrinsic beauty of wood. My newest obsession for the lathe has allowed me to create my particular favorite pieces, which showpiece exceptional figure, spalting, knots, and unusual grain patterns.


Although I took shop classes in high school, my true interest was developed after meeting and learning from an artist in New Zealand. Starting from bone carving with files and rotary tools, I soon expanded into wood carving via rotary tools and wood burning. Working with my dad, I often embellish turned pieces.

Take a look at our Virtual Studio Tour

Here we show and talk about some of the processes behind our collection of pieces, along with a brief introduction. Welcome to our shop!

Filmed by Seat of the Pants Productions

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